Warehouse Services



Our multi-client location provides flexibility and scalability to tackle ever changing business needs without the hassle of being locked into a long term, fixed warehouse space commitment. Multi-client operations allow our customers to take advantage of our professional expertise, shared labor resources, strong inventory control, and cost-effective transportation programs.



LNS Logistics can provide storage space for both short and long term requirements. We can accommodate both racked and stacked storage positions inside and outside.

Our facility is secure both inside and outside.


Pick / Pack

Our flexible order fulfillment options include:


Container De-Stuffing

Let LNS handle all you’re de-stuffing. We will unload both palletized and floor loaded containers and provide a receiving report to include piece count and notation of any damage.


Cross Dock Services

This service is designed for clients that require deconsolidation of goods. We will de-stuff and distribute the contents of any trailer or container to any and all points beyond our Edmonton location. We will use any equipment required to execute your deliveries. For example your customer may need their product delivered on a flat deck to facilitate unloading.