Freight Services


Road Services

LNS Logistics provides local and regional trucking services using its own trucks and trailers. From small pickups to Tractor/trailer service, we have it all. Need a crane truck or equipment trailer? We have it all at your disposal.For less sensitive freight we utilize one of several hand- picked, pre-qualified partners to get to your customers. Using our consolidated volumes you will enjoy competitive freights costs!


Intermodal / Rail Services

Need a cost effective way to ship or receive large order? Let LNS utilize one of its rail partners. Moving freight on the rail is still the most cost effective way to move freight in North America. Intermodal is an economical, flexible transportation solution that can help lower you’re transportation costs.


Air Services

Have something that just has to get there right away? Lets us manage it for you. From a small package to a large vessel, we can make it happen.